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Lightning Flow Builder – Winter ’20

Salesforce Winter ’20 release is nearly upon us! The release notes are over 500 pages long this time around and it’s very likely you’ve may have missed some really cool updates. There are a number of updates coming to Flow, including some long-waited features. Winter ’20 is being released to some orgs September 20, and to the majority of Salesforce customers October 12 – check for the details on your org.

I have 7 Winter ’20 Flow updates that I’m really interested in. I haven’t made up my mind about one of them and I discuss why in the video. They other six features either add functionality back that was in the old Cloud Designer, or are net-new and AWESOME to the Lightning Flow Builder. Seriously, awesome.  They’re so awesome, it makes me want to sing praises to Shannon Hale. She’ll have to settle for her theme song.

There’s a lot in the release notes, so if you want more coverage, stay tuned for the Winter ’20 Overview podcast episode of the WizardCast. Estimated episode release is September 23, 2019

7 Winter ’20 Flow Features

  1. Schedule Flows – Autolaunch (no screen) flows only
  2. New Resource auto-populate
  3. Conditional Visibility on a Flow Screen
  4. Lookup Component for Screens
  5. Text Templates are now Rich Text
  6. Panning & Multi-Select
  7. Auto-Create Record Variables when adding Get Record element

This by far isn’t all the features coming out in the Winter ’20 release. I highly recommend you check out the release notes. You can also check out the post from Unofficial Flow site that provides a blog post overview.


This series of Wizard’s Apprentice will focus on a gradual review of the Lightning Flow Builder and Flow concepts to help make you be an automation wizard! Make sure you’ve watched our Lightning Flow Builder Overview episode since this expands what was already covered.

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