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Hands-On The New Lightning Flow Builder Spring 19 Pre-release

I’m so excited! Spring ’19 is out in pre-release!

For those of you lucky enough to have previously signed up for a pre-release org, you now have access to Salesforce Spring ’19. If you don’t have a pre-release, as of this posting, you’re out of luck. Sorry. Sign up for a Spring ’19 prerelease isn’t available yet.

One of the reasons I’m excited is because Spring ’19 is supposed to hold the all-new Lightning Flow Builder! Goodby Cloud Designer! Hello Flow Builder!

I’ve been waiting for the new builder before I continue the Wizard Apprentice series on Flow. Now, it is here and I’m going to give you a sneak peek.

Something I want to emphasize is this is Pre-Release. This means that features can be added, removed, or changed between now and when the release finally makes it to our production orgs. Some things that aren’t in the builder now, maybe there come release. The builder may change how things are done. Or, heavens forbid, the Lightning Flow Builder won’t be part of the final Spring ’19 release.

Okay, enough of the preamble! Check out the video. In addition to doing a hands-on first-time look of Lightning Flow Builder, I do a side-by-side comparison of the Cloud Flow Designer using a similar structured Flow.

First Time Hands-On Look at Lightning Flow Builder & Cloud Designer Comparison

Click if embedded video does not play

First Hands-On look at Salesforce Lightning Flow Builder

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Showing 7 comments
  • Micah Perry

    It looks like Display Text is actually a rich text field without the rich text formatting options. So you can put html in it and it’ll render as rich text does on the page:

    For example:
    This is some red text

    This also works with default value for choices. In the old flow builder, I could access rich text and reference a flow variable for my choice default value. In the new flow builder, I need to actually type the variable and it’ll work.

    It’s definitely heading in the right direction, but it’s still pretty rough to me. Missing Copy, Paste, Undo and click and drag to select groups of elements is pretty big.

  • Lavanya

    how to activate the flow builder

    • Brian Kwong

      This is a spring ’19 feature. It’ll be enabled by default when the new release is out.

      This release is currently available in existing preview orgs. You can sign up for a new one soon and the release will be coming to sandboxes as well.

      • Lavanya

        Thanks for the reply. I am trying this in pre-lease org Spring’19. I have created a new flow builder it is showing as Inactive. How to activate this?

        • Brian Kwong

          If you’re in a prerelease org with spring ’19 the new flow builder should simply be there. You can check under Process Automation Settings just in case. I had to go there to enable the OLD cloud designer.

  • Dori Gutman

    I’ve not been able to figure out how to add a clickable link in the new Display Text element. All of the old methods for doing it don’t seem to work anymore and I keep getting the literal string representation of the link text (without the hyperlink).

    I’ve tried HYPERLINK() several ways, embedding in a text template, html tags, etc. I have the dynamic link correct as text but just can’t make it clickable. Has anyone found a workaround yet? I know I can use some VF or a lightning component to automatically redirect the user to the record, but I’m hoping to do it all within the flow.

    • Brian Kwong

      I don’t think the display text element supports html at all anymore. It used to have its own rich text editor – which only somewhat worked.

      So anything you put a display text I would expect to be rendered as just a literal string.

      You could change the finish location depending on how you’re launching your flow. A second alternative is to try to use one of the rich text lightning components that are available on the unofficial flow site:

      I haven’t had a chance to try it for URLs, so let me know if you try it and whether it works!

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