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A Thankful Salesforce Community WizardCast Episode 83

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It’s Thanksgiving time again here in the United States. It’s the first big holiday to kick off the holiday season (unless you count Halloween) and a time to share what we are thankful for.

Mark and Brian talk about what they’re thankful for and share community members submissions.

Show Overview

0:00 Last Time on WizardCast
00:48 Introduction
01:48 Terrible Joke, thanks Jeffrey Sbonik
02:28 Happy Thanksgiving, turkey football nap day!
03:20 What we’re thankful for
03:52 Brian sells out
06:14 Give Thanks App!
07:12 Maggie Jolitz – Thankful for Support from Salesforce peeps
07:35 Anon – Thankful for spending time with family
08:02 Johan Yu – Thankful for a great boss & team
08:30 Meredith Stretz – Thankful for Salesforce Mentors like Steve Mo, Aine Johnson, and Spandana Medikonda
09:13 Kim McClure – Thankful for the Salesforce Ohana
10:04 Andy Boettcher – Thankful for being able to interact with people that share their passion for the platform
10:15 Elizabeth Davidson – Thankful for the Salesforce Ohana
10:56 Deepa Patel – Happy to be part of the best community ever
11:11 Terry Cole – Thankful for MVPs, User Group Leaders, Lay leaders, sf Employees 11:37 What Mark is thankful for – Salesforce
14:11 Outro
15:42 Thanks for listening Karen
16:19 Out-takes

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