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Working with Salesforce Mobile, Support, and Product Managers with Cheryl Feldman Episode 65

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Do you ever have to call Salesforce Support? Do you wish you could make Salesforce mobile a better experience for your users? Would you like to talk with a Salesforce Product Manager?

Then you want to listen to this episode as Mark and Brian talk with Cheryl Feldman. Cheryl Feldman is an MVP, User Group Leader, Admin for a large Enterprise company and so much more.

You may have read about Cheryl when Trailhead featured her story:

There’s even a better chance that you’ve seen her photo on the login page.

Show Overview

00:01 A very dramatic retraction about Dashboards
01:28 Introduction
02:25 Joke from Amy Oplinger
03:00 Public Service Announcement due to Budget restraints
04:18 Fake Sponsor: Podcast anonymous
04:35 Libsyn Affiliate: 1 month free with promo code: podmagic
05:17 Coffee Break AI on a poor adopted Enterprise platform Https://
09:06 Introducing Trailblazer Cheryl Feldman
10:00 Only the best bosses… Happy place on earth
10:47 Mobile escapades
12:48 Lightning now and shout out to Michael Orr
14:50 Mobile only page?
17:45 Specific Lightning Components to make Salesforce Mobile amazing
19:00 Flows in mobile with the Flow Action
21:44 Shameless plug: Using Flows in Actions
22:45 Cheryl’s list for must need for mobile: Mobile only pages and login as other user on mobile
28:44 Interacting with Salesforce Support
29:14 Cheryl’s tips for interacting with Salesforce support
32:55 Simulator on Chrome for mobile
38:00 Working with Salesforce Product Managers
41:00 Product Managers in the Trailblazer community
48:25 We Love & Miss you Shawna Wolverton.
53:20 What one question would you ask Parker Harris?
55:43 The First time Cheryl met Parker Harris
56:45 And now you’re on login Page/How she found out she was on the login page
58:47 If Brian & Mark were Sesame street’s Bert and Earnie… who is who?
49:42 When Marc & Parker are on stage at Dreamforce, which WizardCast host is Marc and which is Parker?
1:02:32 Why Cheryl feels unworthly of being on the podcast. It’s a Star Wars thing.
1:04:20 Star Trek Vs Star Wars, Salesforce vs Microsoft Dynamics
1:05:20 A girl things Mark & Brian are super cool BECAUSE we watched Star Wars
1:07:35 Closing Credits and Kudos to Jean Hawthorn as intern via @WizardCast_pod
1:08:00 Tell us your ideas, your questions for Parker! Submit Questions for Parker Harris: Submit Ideas:
1:09:19 After Credits Scene


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