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Insights from Trailhead Ranger Jessica Murphy Episode 64

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This episode of the WizardCast we’re joined by Jessica Murphy. She’s and Admin/Developer that started 2017 with no certifications. By November she’s gotten 5 certs! She’s also a Trailhead Ranger with 125 badges. Did I mention she also has a Master’s in Education? Great insights on how to make your Salesforce career great and tips on how to use Education Principles in our jobs as Salesforce Admins.

Show Overview

00:01 A squirrel’s ransom
01:28 Intro Music
01:53 Setting the Atmosphere Joke
03:02 We got Nothing
03:56 Affiliate Libsyn, Free month with promocode podmagic
04:43 Jessica Murphy Introduction
05:40 Jessica corrects Brian
06:41 How far a master’s with education gets you
08:50 User Group Meeting, Chris Duarte, and a hoodie act as the hand of fate
09:40 SouthEast Dreamin’ and Mary Scotton continue the push
10:14 2016 starts Trailhead Badges, 2017 Certifications with Destination Success
12:20 The power and uniqueness of the Salesforce community
13:40 Visibility of Women in Tech
15:10 Not just helping out, it’s community of lifting each other up
15:45 Brian Admits he has a problem with Trailhead
16:40 Credit to Salesforce Saturday
18:00 Rob Alexander encourages certifications
19:50 Certifcation Celebration Dance
20:50 Jessica reveals her evil secrets with her Master’s in Education
23:40 More evil secrets
25:05 Brian requests to learn how to use education principles in our jobs
31:10 Jessica’s recommendations on how you too can excel with Salesforce
34:30 Finding a Mentor
37:00 Close Out & Rachel Watson intern
37:51 What 1 question would you ask to Parker Harris? Submit
38:00 What idea from IdeaExchange should we highlight? Submit
39:45 Jessica confirms that Mark was wrong about Dreamforce

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