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Spring ’18 How To Color Dashboards

Salesforce Spring ’18 release includes the capability to add more color to your Dashboards.

Personally, I’m okay with the default colors. I know there those of you out there who heard about the feature and screamed “YES! MOAR COLORS!”

When I went to go check out this feature, I was met with the following screen:

Salesforce Color Dashboards Missing

What? That doesn’t look like the image in the release notes. Where are my colors?

I want my Dashboard to go from


Boring Fabulous!
boring dashboard colors Pretty Dashboard Colors

Color Dashboards - Color My World

After carefully reading the release notes, it became clear I needed a special permission: “Change Dashboard Colors.”

So no problem, I dive into the System Admin profile and see

System Administrator Profile Missing Dashboard Color

Why isn’t this checked? It’s a stanard profile so we can’t change this. Well this is frustrating.

Permission Set To The Rescue

Some features that have been rolling out require the Salesforce Administrator to assign through Permission Set. The new Lightning Builder was this way. I’m not sure why Salesforce has gone this route. It would be nice to use a Profile or a Permission Set if I choose.

No problem. Let’s go create our Permission Set.

Creating Permisssiion Set

Now we can checkk the “Change Dashboard Color” Permission. Assign the Permission Set to your user and now when you clear on the Dashboard gear you’ll see

Color Dashboard options

I choose the Dark Theme and Nightfall Palette. If you ever want to change the back to the default dashboard colors, simply choose the Light Theme and Aurora Palette.

What Themes and Palettes are you planning on using? Let me know in the comments!

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    The email you sent for this had a bad link, FYI.

    • Brian Kwong


      Thanks for letting me know. I’ll go and see what the link was.

      Chalk it up to newbie at MailChimp

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    THANK YOU!!!!!

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