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WizardCast Introduction – Voice of Ohana

Background – What are we going to do with these?

Our end goal is to create a “voice of our Ohana” likely used as part of the podcast intro or possibly as a new segment. It’ll depend greatly on the number of these we receive. It’s also part of a closing series regarding auditioning for a new co-host. This will be the first usage to make it sound like Brian had more auditions than we actually got.

You: Welcome! I’m YOUR NAME, **YOUR JOB TITLE** from Your Organization and you’re listening to the WizardCast!

How to submit

Note submission of audio to either of these formats automatically means you agree to let us use your message on the podcast in full or in part.
Option 1: Phone

  1. Call 608 492.0321
  2. Leave a message with the script above. If you don’t like what you left, just say so, hang up and call again

Options 2: Email

  1. Record your audio (MP3 or WAV preferred)
  2. Email it to

When to Submit

Please Submit by 9/27/17 – the earlier the better. If you’re reading this after 9/27/17, feel free to submit but I can’t promise when we’ll use the audio. I’ll like a large number of these to use in a podcast theoretically scheduled for October.

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