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WizardCast  5 -REDACTED- Deployment -REDACTED- You Won’t Believe are -REDACTED-! Episode 43

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There’s something strange going on at the Wizardcast. Stay tuned, who knows what may happen

Deployment Options

Mark and Brian talk about the options for deployment:

  • Salesforce IDE: Mavensmate or Eclipse
  • Salesforce Change Sets
  • Manual Copy/Paste or Recreate
  • Create a Package
  • Paid Options:  Gearset, CoPaDo, Dreamfactory, Flowsome, AutoRabbit

There may be other paid deployment options, but these are the ones we’re familiar with. If you investigate any of these, please let them know the WizardCast sent you. We won’t get any kick back or anything, but who knows, maybe Brian will have to stop coming up with Fake Sponsors.


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