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WizardCast Life the Universe and Peter Coffee – Episode 42

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Happy New Year! The WizardCast starts off with resolutions. Brian resolves not to take anymore time than necessary to start the salesforce content and Mark resolves to do all the future sponsor spots (last statement not approved by Mark).

Mark convinces Brian to no longer do Fake Sponsor Spots. So we’re now listener supported.

Don’t Panic! It’s all good. Brian and Mark also celebrate their 42nd episode in weird and strange ways.

We asked you who should be our next guest. Choices were:

  • Peter Coffee
  • VP of Strategic Research
  • Salesforce employee of 10 years
  • All of the above

All of the Above won with 82%! Thankfully, Peter Coffee meets all these items! Peter is one of our favorite people to talk with. Love Peter Coffee? Make sure you check out our Live interview with him at Midwest Dreamin’ 2016: about robots taking over the workplace and how we can prepare.

Peter Coffee – 5 Things We Should Stop Doing

  1. Stop using the term “significance” as in statistical significance. Significant results is not the same as a “big” result. Stop making assumptions
  2. Stop building of bridges and more constructions of chains of “shared truth”
  3. Stop telling people they need to learn to code
  4. Stop thinking of security as static & professional. It’s dynamic Risk management model.
  5. Stop Estimating & Extrapolating. You should Measure and Model

Books Mentioned by Peter Coffee

Comments & Quotes

“If it were up to me, I would rather have managers getting a really good grounding in statistics…” – when Peter was asked if Calculus should be taught.

Experimenting & Analyzing is better than Assuming & Optimizing

“Teaching people coding is like teaching people abacus skills” – Peter Coffee on his 3rd thing we should stop doing

“3: Premature commitment of a platform that goes no where. 2. Remaining committed too long to a platform going away 1. AI will start to do things that I’m paid to do.” – Top 3 concerns of surveyed professionals

“Facebook has AI writing its own AI”  – Peter Coffee commenting on skills of people replaced by algorithms

“It turns out for a chocolate bar or a T-Shirt people will do some really stupid things.” – Peter Coffee on Security

“Theoretically if you’re actually doing some ‘Amateur photography’ wink wink nudge nudge, it would actually sell you porn?” Mark Ross asking Peter regarding a service to help people take better pictures on a camera.

“The moment you make a to-do list you’re a cyborg.” Peter’s response to Brian’s joke of looking forward to being a cyborg.

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