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Hey Wizard News fans! Still working on some other projects including a new video which will be posted as soon as I finish the editing. In the meantime, I hope everyone has been enjoying the WizardCast podcast.

We will also be recording live at Midwest Dreamin’ in Chicago, July 21/22. Hope to see you there!

Now, without further day, free money for certification!

If you’ve been on twitter you may have seen a tweet about Cirrus Insight’s Certified Admin Giveaway.

Cirrus Insight integrates your email with Salesforce. It works on Gmail and Outlook 365. They’re providing Amazon gift cards, $200 for Admins certified in 2016 and $100 for existing certified Admins.

There’s a small catch, of course. You have to be either a current client of Cirrus Insight, or sign up for a free 14 day trail. No purchase is necessary – so no reason not to sign up.

According to the terms of the give away there’s a limit of 1 gift card per admin and 1 gift card per organization. Cirrus also must be able to verify your certified. The easiest way is to provide your certification number.

The only way I’ve found mine is by opening the PDF that came with your passed examination email. It’s smack in the center of the certification and looks like this:

Certification Image

Now that you’re armed with your certification number:

Sign up for your Amazon Gift Card

Not certified? Well this is a great year to get certified! The Certified Admin exam covers standard objects, security, and the general model of Salesforce. If you’ve been working in Salesforce this is a certification you should be able to achieve. You can learn more about what’s on the exam and learn more about certification here:

For transparency reasons, I will point at that I work at Better Partners which is a partner of Cirrus Insight. Normally, I keep what I do here separate for work. This is such a cool deal for something as simple as signing up for a demo that I wanted to share with everyone. I will add that if you do decide to purchase Cirrus, Better Partners can offer a 20% discount through our partnership with Cirrus Insight.

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