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WizardCast is Midwest Dreamin’ 2016 – Episode 25

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It’s back to Salesforce jokes… okay it’s a non-salesforce joke that’s been repurposed. We finally relieve John Graf of the agony of not knowing the punchline for the joke we had two episodes ago.

Interview – Midwest Dreamin’ with Eric Dreshfield

WizardCast is honored to have Eric Dreshfield (@ericdresh) to talk about some of the history behind MidWest Dreamin’, one big huge Salesforce User Group meetings.  We talk about what coming up this year, including transportation between the hotel & Navy Pier and about the 3  keynote speakers.

We also talk about tips for attending, especially complaining about how terrible GPS is in downtown Chicago.

Midwest Dreamin’ registration is open today, come and join us!

Salesforce Video of the *Undetermined Amount of Time Until the Next One*

The video this week is a keynote. Yes, I know, a Keynote. Why are we doing a keynote video? Because it star’s Todd Enders (@toddenders)… a “Special Snowflake” in the Salesforce world. It’s also a very interesting perspective on how to handle customer service in a world that’s becoming more and more connected.

If you have a Salesforce video to share let us know! It can be a funny video; it can be a serious video; as long as it’s Salesforce related we’ll take it!. Send submissions to or click on the “Contact WizardCast” on the right sidebar from our show notes page.


We need to hear from you folks! Share with us your tips, blogs, Salesforce Videos, and Salesforce jokes (no matter how bad). We want to share them with our large audience of 6 people! Email us at or click “Contact WizardCast” on the right of our show notes.

You can also tweet to @MarkRoss__c or @Kwongerific with hashtag #WizardCast with a question or other submission.

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