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WizardCast Lighting, Lightning, Lightening – Episode 23

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Fun fact (okay, only Brian thinks it’s fun) – today’s episode was almost “Lightning Lighting Lightening up the Salesforce UI.” Which Brian thought was overly clever. Mark pointed out that it was 1. too long and 2. Confusing and missing the whole point. He won. Enjoy.

Today’s jokes are in honor of John Graf (@JohnGraf6) co-host of the NerdForce podcast ( John listens to us at 1.5 speed so our jokes will “pop.” So Mark and I get some, apparently, much needed practice. Hope you enjoy the jokes John. We have a special one – just for you – after the closing music.

YoWiz: Lightning Power

Our question today comes from Alesia Dvorkina via emailing

“How will Salesforce Admin role change with Lightning coming to a stage? Will Admins have more/less power? What do you think? Should Admins explore Lightning in the Sandboxes, or (especially for more complex orgs) wait till more features are released? What is your take on this?”

Mark and Brian first discuss – briefly – the difference between Lighting, Lightning, Lightening and talk a bit about what they are looking for in the new UI.

Thanks for all the questions Alesia. Mark insisted we answer all of in one episode. Hope we help – thanks for listening.

Salesforce Video of the *Undetermined Amount of Time Until the Next One*

Our video this episode is “Process Builder, Salesforce App Cloud, Spring ’16” The great Product Manager for Process Builder, Shelly Erceg (@@shelly_sfdc ) shows off the new features in Spring ’16 and teases us with what’s on the road map.

If you have a Salesforce video to share let us know! It can be a funny video; it can be a serious video; as long as it’s Salesforce related we’ll take it!. Send submissions to or click on the “Contact WizardCast” on the right sidebar from our show notes page.


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You can also tweet to @MarkRoss__c or @Kwongerific with hashtag #WizardCast with a question or other submission.

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