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 Wizard’s Apprentice: Lightning Experience – Sales Board and Custom Buttons

Welcome back Wizard Apprentices! We’re continuing my hands-on first look at the new Salesforce user interface: Lightning Experience. This is on a Winter ’16 Pre-Release org, and as I found out there are some things just not available quite yet and some rough edges that will hopefully get smoothed out for the actual release. Pre-Releases often don’t reflect everything that will be in the final release.

Tyler Schwartz asked “I’m curious about custom objects? Also lookup fields.. I hope that you can display lookups as pick lists in the new UI…”

Thank you for your question and request Tyler.


So this is video is for you Tyler and everyone else interested in Custom Objects. They’re not where you would expect them to be.

I highly recommend that you take advantage of your sandbox preview and test your configurations with the new user interface before you release it upon your end users.

Questions, comments and requests are welcome! Please post them either to the video or here in the blog. Be sure to like the video if you want me to do more Lightning Experience videos.

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