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WizardCast – Episode 11 Dreamforce Ready

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Not really a joke this episode, it’s more of an announcement and apology.

Dreamforce Ready

Mark and Brian talk about how they’re getting Dreamforce ready. They also talked about some of the events they are involved in:

Flownatics Meetings & Live WizardCast Recording at the Admin Zone

You’ll find at at the Admin Zone for two one-hour recording sessions. We’ll be holding the Unofficially, Official Annual meeting of the Flownatics. We’ll have a special guest, the Product Manager for Visual Workflow: Bill Takacs.

Want to see a sample of last year’s Flownatics meeting, including the Flownatic pledge? You can view some of it here:

  • Tuesday 1:30 PM
  • Thursday 10:30 AM

Let us know if you’re coming! We got a poll up in our Success Community WizardCast group:

Hands-on Training by MVP: Build Advanced Flow With Loops and Fast Elements

Mark is presenting on advanced Flows using loops and fast elements. Brian will be driving him behind the scenes.

September 17, 1:30 – 2:30 PM

Accelerate and Automate with Process Builder

Mark and Brian are both showing some ways you can push Process Builder to do some interesting things.

September 16, 9:00 – 9:40 AM

You Gotta Know When to Flow’ Em: When to Use Process Builder, Flow, and Workflow

The original last year didn’t include Process Builder since it was brand new. This year it has been updated a bit to include Process Builder. We’ll also discuss the difference between Process Builder and Workflow Rules.

It also includes its own session theme song

September 15, 8:00 – 8:40 AM

Fred – Formerly “The Segment Which Shall Not Be Named”

The Segment Which Shall Not Be Named, currently known as “Fred,” continues asking people about their introduction to the platform.

Our question is answered this episode by the great Sarah Deutsch with some help from Amber Boaz

The Segment Which Shall Not Be Named will be referred to as “Fred” until a better name has been providing. Got a suggestion that’s better than Fred? Let us know.


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Cherry (Instrumental Version) (Josh Woodward) / CC BY 4.0

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