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 Wizard’s Apprentice: Debugging Flow

I know it’s been a while since the last Wizard’s Apprentice video. Sorry about that. It’s amazingly difficult to find time to record without screaming children in the background and then edit the video. Hopefully, things will calm down after I move my home office and get things setup.

A common frustrating I hear from people starting with Flow is how they can figure out what is going wrong in their Flows. Finding that variable or element that is causing your Flow to return an unhandled exception. This is also known as debugging your Flow, or removing the “bugs” in your Flow that are causing errors.

There’s a reason why you’re frustrated. It’s very frustrating to debug Flows right now. There’s three main methods for debugging your Flow:

  1. Using a screen or email to display what your variables/inputs are between each of your elements
  2. Using Developer Console or Monitoring to view debug logs
  3. Using the email error message

None of these do a perfect job at debugging your Flow but it’s better than absolutely nothing. The error email you receive got some improvements in Summer ’15 and I hope they continue to expand on that update.

It helps to know some of the common errors that occur in Flow. We’ll be doing a deeper dive on those in a future video.

Click here for the video:

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