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WizardCast – Episode VI: Summer ’15 Strikes Back

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We start, as always, with a Salesforce joke that is absolutely original in every way. This episode joke is provided by Brian Kwong.

This episode is late due to the crazy travel and work schedule Mark and Brian has have over the last few weeks. We apologize for the background noise during parts of this podcast. In order to get this episode released, we recorded during lunch time at the MVP Summit.

Salesforce YoWiz: Favorite Summer ’15 Release

Our question today comes from Jeff Joltes (@DevItBetter) via Twitter “What feature are you most excited about in the upcoming summer #SFDC release?

Mark and I talk about our favorite features coming in Summer ’15  including the awesome Visual Workflow and Process Builder updates. We also recommend we all start using the hashtag #ThanksShelly

Summer ’15 also strikes back by removing support for IE 7 and IE 8 as well as enforcing no javascript in homepage components.

You can read all about the Salesforce release here:

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We took the advantage of having my handheld recorder with me and seek out new victims. Thanks to Amber Boaz, Adam Marks, Ryan Headley, Francis Pindar (Brian loves British people, honestly), and Carlos Villalpando

We also try to share secret secrets that are completely made up, but still manages to fail the mystical screening of Salesforce Secrets.

Salesforce Video of the *Undetermined Amount of Time Until the Next One*

Thanks to Stephen Noe for this great suggestion. Our video this episode is actually a series of videos that focus on “Who sees what.” This is a great series to help understand the security of your data in

We much prefer to get listener submissions and the content creator’s permission ahead time (so we can play snippets on the episode). So if you have a Salesforce video worth sharing let us know! It can be a funny video; it can be a serious video; as long as it’s Salesforce related we’ll take it!. Send submissions to or click on the “Contact WizardCast” on the right sidebar from our show notes page.


We need to hear from you folks! Share with us your tips, blogs, Salesforce Videos, and Salesforce jokes (no matter how bad). We want to share them with our large audience of 4 people! Email us at or click “Contact WizardCast” on the right of our show notes.

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