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Hey folks, by the time you read this, I’ll be at the Twin Cities super-uber Use group presenting on the Lightning Process Builder.

There’s a lot going on so instead of a normal blog on how to do some magic in salesforce, I thought I’ll give you some quick updates.

We’re Moving

I started TheWizardNews blog on a little more than a year ago. At the time, I was hesitant to want to pay for hosting the blog, but I didn’t know if people would be interested in reading anything I wrote. So I went with for free hosting at the expense of some flexibility and not being able to control that Ads wordpress shows on my site.

I’ve been planning on moving us over to a new hosting solution since the start of the year and I’m finally in a position to pull the trigger. Soon the URL will no longer go to the on-going active blog. I’ll be using the domain which currently forwards to the site. That domain will be the home of our blog… and more.

Wizard’s Apprentice

Many of you may be aware of the YouTube video series I started called Wizard’s Apprentice from the announcement blog post. That first episode was a bit rough around the edges.

Those who have been watching, I hope you’ve found the quality improved and informational. So far, Wizard’s Apprentice has included 5 episodes plus 1 minispell. The series currently focuses on Visual Workflow and I’m hoping to add some Lightning Process Builder soon.

Current Episodes topics on Visual Workflow include:

You can find the full set on my channel. I also have a playlist so you can play all the episodes.

There’s also a discussion area for feedback and I always appreciate a comment or a like on the video.

Join the Conversation

I had a request a while back ago to have a Facebook page. I’m an avid uses of Facebook, but my personal account has been used for friends and family. It’s been my one social media outlet where is not a dominant presence.

You can now like my “fan” page on facebook:

I thought it may be a good place to share all the blogs, videos, and other “special” items going on as well as invite you to provide some feedback. I’m often learning as I go and I depend on your feedback to help decide what works, what doesn’t.

An example is the “branding” video I uploaded to Youtube. This is a short 3 second video that plays before all my videos in Wizard’s Apprentice. I thought the idea was cool, but the 3 second limitation makes it very difficult to look as awesome as I want it to. There’s a discussion to give me feedback. You can see that post here:

My “New” Job

Some of you may know that I recently left my job as a company admin and joined the consulting world. I’m now the Head of Delivery & Operations for Better Partners, LLC.

There’s been a lot of changes that came with this move and part has been a dramatic change to my schedule. I’m very proud and thankful that Better Partners is supporting my community efforts. It’s with their support that I’m currently presenting at the Twin Cities’ User Group meeting and that I have time to continue creating blog posts, videos, and other “special” items.

I’ll also be co-blogging there as well. So head over to if you want to see more blog posts. We’re just getting started and plan to add a newsletter too.

Upcoming Additions

A special, semi-secret addition will be coming to TheWizardNews family. This is a project I’m working on with Mark Ross aka Salesforce Yoda.

As part of this new addition we’ll be asking for your involvement. Specifically, we’re looking for questions, salesforce related jokes, and Salesforce tips. We are also planning on show casing various jobs and careers you can have that are Salesforce related. Have one you’re curious about or would like to share with TheWizardNews readers? We’ll want to hear from you (soon!).

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