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Hey there Wizard News fans! I love writing blog posts and trying to pass on the little tricks, tips, and cool things that I’ve learned how to do with Salesforce. I started blogging for the first time a year ago. Over last year, I started many posts that have never been published. There were two primary reasons for this. The first reason was time. Most of those posts covered more complicated ideas which is difficult to convey with just words. This meant needing to create lots of screenshots and building up the post. The second reason is the blog post seemed to be just too confusing to convey what I wanted to.

Some of the posts I did last year had some little video snippets that I included. Those snippets had no audio and were very short. I think they worked better than a whole bunch of screenshots you had to click. Video was simply a better medium for these ideas.

Thus Wizard’s Apprentice was born. This will be a Salesforce training video series that will cover various topics starting with an introduction leading to more complex details. The first series will be focusing on Visual Workflow (Flow).

I’m going to still aim to do a blog post a week, released on Thursday at 10:00 AM Central. Considering the time it takes to record, edit, and publish the videos I will likely also release those with a blog post like today.

This is the first video that I’ve created with audio. I also had to multiple different sessions recording the audio. So you will hear some audio weirdness with the video. I’ve also learned that the device I recorded with did not record in the right resolution. So the YouTube video will look a little odd unless you have it in full screen.

The first two episodes will be a little “funky” this way. Future episodes will hopefully be a better quality for both audio and video.

Right now, I’m planning on a video series for Visual Workflow and the new Lightning Process Builder. I’ll love to hear what other topics you would be interested in.

Wizard’s Apprentice VisualWorkflow: Getting Familiar

Before you can start to use a tool, you need to be familiar with it first. This is what prevents people from trying to hammer a nail with the handle, grabbing the wrong end of a circular saw, and peering through the wrong side of a telescope.

This first episode of Wizard’s Apprentice on Visual Workflow goes through the various tools. We explain the palette and discuss what is a variable. All this leads up to episode two where we start to build a basic Flow.

You’ll find Wizard’s Apprentice videos on my YouTube channel, specifically on this playlist

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  • angelaahunter

    You just made my morning! Looking forward to watching these videos!

    • Salesforce Wizard

      You’re welcome! I’m going to try to keep the videos coming on a regular basis but it’s going to be entirely depending on scheduling and how quiet the kids are πŸ™‚

  • Nana

    Awesome! Can’t wait to dive in and ‘watch’ the magic!

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