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Dreamforce 2014 is a few weeks behind us and many of the sessions have now been posted as videos. Unlike past years, the videos are not being posted to YouTube. Instead the videos can be found on the Sessions tab of

Another change this year is some sessions have two recordings, one for the slides and audio and the second with actual video of the speakers.

My Sessions

This year, I spoke at three sessions, one of them which was repeated. Unfortunately, not all of them have been posted at this time.

I have various other videos I captured or found on Youtube. You can see my playlist here.

Recommended Sessions

There are a lot of sessions that I would recommend. Not everything has been posted yet. Some also have the speaker video in addition to slides. I”ll post both.

  • Parker Harris’ True to the Core: This is a must watch every year. True To The Core (TTTC) was a movement sparked by the community. The idea is we want Salesforce to focus and not forget about the “Core” functionality of their platform. Parker Harris embraced this idea and the last three years held a session on this topic. The product managers discuss what they are working on (or not) and why. Then it’s open season for the audience to ask questions to the product managers.
  • Success Community Keynote: Speaker Video: I love the success community keynote. There were some great things this year including setting a idea point threshold which will require someone from the Salesforce team to comment on an idea. Plus, there is some great singing!
  • Success Community Keynote: Slides
  • Salesforce Admin Keynote: Speaker Video :This was the first admin keynote at Dreamforce ever. It’s worth watching!
  • Salesforce Admin Keynote: Slides
  • Surfacing Aura Components in App Builder: Aura is going to be huge. It’ll be the new way we create pages in Salesforce. The pilot is for building mobile apps, but in the future (safe harbor) this will extend to the desktop.
  • Advanced Apex Enterprise Patterns: I was really looking forward to attending this one and talking with Andrew Fawcett. Unfortunately, I ended up with a last minute conflict and I missed the session.

There are many, many more sessions out there that are worth watching. I’m still going through my lists to find videos. I may update this blog with new links. I’ll post to Twitter if I add anything.

What sessions did you attend that thought were amazing? Share them in the comments! Bonus points if you share the links to the videos!

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