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No Dreamforce 14 recap this week since the videos aren’t all available yet. You can see the videos that have been released on the Dreamforce Session list

While we wait for the videos to be released, let’s talk about the future. You may have noticed on some of my posts I’ve included a video. I personally find these a much easier method to show and explain more complicated or multiple step features.

This is something I’m hoping to do in the future. Some topics I”m entertaining are:

  1. How to create and use a Headless flow
  2. Introduction to Flow (series)
  3. Replacing Triggers with Flow and Process Builder

What else are you interested in seeing? What do you want to see first? Please answer the poll and if you have other topics add a comment and let me know!

This is my first attempt at using a poll from – I  have it set to be open for 1 week. If for some reason you’re unable to vote, feel free to post your vote as a comment. Thank you!


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